Even More Commonly Used Headlines to Grab Readers’ Attention

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Grabbing readers’ attention with headlines are critical if we want to attract readers to our post.

In this article, we’ll look at some common kinds of headlines that are proven to attract readers to read our posts.

Solutions Headline

This headline is for articles that outline the solution to do something.

The format is ‘Why [problem] [and what to do about it]’.

Example: You Aren’t Getting Sales In Your Business And What to Do About It

Expert Roundup Headline

The expert roundup headline explains what experts find about a topic in a listicle format.

The format is ‘[number] [expert] Share Their [topic]’.

Example: 20 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Blogging Tools

Reminder Headline

This headline is for reminding people to think a certain way.

The format is ‘Reminder: [claim]’

Example: Reminder: Your Paycheck Isn’t a Reflect Of Your Worth

Comparison Headline

A headline for articles that compare one thing to another.

The format is ‘Are You More Like [x] or [y]’.

Example: Are You More Like a Chicken or a Duck?

Trivia Headline

This headline is one that shows us some problems with the given object.

The format is ‘Can You Find The Problem With This [object]’.

Example: Can You Find The Problem With This Chicken?

Front-Loaded Keyword Headline

The front-loaded keyword headline is for attracting readers to read the article by outlining something with the long-tail keyword.

The format is ‘[keyword]: How to [long tail keyword]’.

Example: Budgeting: How to Save Money By Making a Budget.

In the example above, ‘Budgeting’ is a popular keyword, and ‘Save Money By Making a Budget’ is a long-tail keyword.

With long-tail keywords in our headline, we can get ranked on Google much easier than with short competitive keywords.

Promise Headline

A headline that promises us some desirable result.

The format is ‘We Can Help You [promise] by [result]’.

Example: We Can Help You Increase Your Profit to $5000 a Month

Results Headline

The results headline is similar to the promise headline. But it tells us how to achieve something desirable in a given timeframe.

The format is ‘How [people] Did [desirable result] in [timeframe]’.

Example: How 100 Bloggers Boost Their Traffic By 50% in 3 Months

Teaser Headline

A headline that attracts us to read the article by telling us the number of things we can do to help us achieve some desirable result.

The format is ‘These [number] [thing] Could Help You [achieve the desired outcome]’.

Example: These 5 Tools Could Help You Boost Blog Traffic By 50%

Sidenote Headline

This kind of headline tells us the number of things learned from some company or person and which of them is our favorite.

The format is ‘[number] Lessons Learned From [company/person] (#[number] if [tesaser]).

Example: 10 Lessons We Learned From a Master Blogger (#3 is Our Favorite)

Branded Headline

A headline for listicles that list the number of ways to do something and end with a company's name.

The format is ‘[headline formula] (A [brand]’s Guide).

Example: 100 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic (A [Company]’s Guide) (where Company is your own company’s name)

Urgency Headline

A headline that asks us to take action on something now. The format is ‘[action] Now!’.

Example: Getting More Blogging Traffic Now!

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Target Audience Headline

This headline addresses the target audience and then ends with an undesirable outcome.

The format is ‘[target audience] Are You [undesirable outcome]?’.

Example: Bloggers! Are You Losing Traffic?

Bold Statement Headline

This headline has a bold statement that follows by something we learned backed by some evidence.

The format is ‘[bold statement]: What We Learned [data-backed evidence]’.

Example: Ads Increase Sales: What We Learned From 100 Stores

Curiosity Headline

A headline that keeps it vague to attract readers to read the article.

The format is ‘You Probably [vague statement to elicit curiosity]’.

Example: You Probably Don’t Know This


These are some headlines that we can attract readers’ attention and lead them to read our articles.

These work because human psychology hasn’t changed even technologies have changed a lot.

So try these if we want to gain some readers.

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