How to do Exponentiation in JavaScript

There are multiple to compute exponents with JavaScript.

The newest way is the exponentiation operator **, available with ES2016 or higher.

For example, we can do this:

const a = 2 ** 3; // 8

It is right associative, so a ** b ** c is equal to a ** (b ** c). This works with all exponents.

For example:

const a = 2 ** (3 ** 4);
const b = 2 ** 3 ** 4;
a == b // true, both are 2.4178516392292583e+24

Detail browser compatibility is available at

We can also use the Math.pow function, like this:

const a = Math.pow(2,3) // 8

It takes 2 arguments, the first is the base and the second is the exponent. Math.pow works with all exponents.

Math.pow is compatible with all recent browsers.

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