More Commonly Used Headlines to Grab Readers’ Attention

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Grabbing readers’ attention with headlines are critical if we want to attract readers to our post.

In this article, we’ll look at some common kinds of headlines that are proven to attract readers to read our posts.

Silver Platter Headline

The silver platter header line is a listicle headline used for articles that list the number of ways to achieve some desirable outcome.

The format is ‘[number] of ways [achieve some desirable outcome]’.

Example: 20 Ways to Save $1000 a Month

Analysis Headline

A headline for analysis articles and explain some findings from them.

The format is ‘We Analyzed [number] [things we analyzed], And This is What We Learned’.

Example: We Analyzed a Thousand Articles, and This is What We Learned

Tutorial Headline

The tutorial headline is a useful headline if we’re writing tutorials. The format is ‘A [power word] Tutorial to [get some desired outcome]’.

Example: An Ultimate Tutorial to Becoming a Developer

Hacks Headline

This is a commonly used headline for articles that list the ways to do something.

The format is ‘[number] Hacks to [get the desired outcome]’.

Example: 50 Hacks to Make More Money

Explainer Headline

The explainer headline is one that explains why something gets us some outcome.

The format is ‘Why [thing] Makes You [outcome]’.

Example: Why Oranges Makes Us Sweeter

Steps To Result Headline

This is a headline for articles that outlines the steps to get some desired results.

The format is ‘[number] of Steps to [achieve some desired outcome]’.

Example: 5 Steps to Build Our Own Blog

WTF Headline

This is a headline for articles that writes about some person doing some odd activity.

The format is ‘[person] And [His/Her] [object] [doing odd activity]’

Example: Chuck Norris And His Small Hand Playing With a Big Turtle

Quiz Headline

The quiz headline is one that asks the reader a question.

The format is ‘Which [topic] Are You?’

Example: Which Pokemon Monster Are You?

Hot Button Headline

A headline that outlines something that people can out someone for doing something controversial done by some person.

The format of this is ‘People Called This [person] a [controversial title] After [He/She] [does something controversial]’.

Example: People Called This Man a Hero After Saving a Cat From a Tree

Fortune Teller Headline

The fortune-teller headline is another that tells us to do something until we can achieve something.

The format is ‘You Won’t Be Able to [claim] Until You [action]’.

Example: You Won’t Be Able to Gain Weight Until You Eat This One Food

Breaking News Headline

This is a headline used by news outlets for their latest news a lot.

The format is ‘Breaking: [story]’.

Example: Breaking: There’s a Flu Outbreak in Our City

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Command Headline

The headline for articles that tell us to stop doing something.

The format is ‘ Stop [command]’,.

Example: Stop Eating Sweets

Reasons Headline

A headline for listicles that lists the reasons that we encounter some outcome.

The format is ‘[number] Reason You’re [outcome]’.

Example: 20 Reasons Why Our Business is Losing Money

Imagination Headline

A headline or articles that elicit our imagination. The format is ‘Imagine [desired outcome]’.

Example: Imagine Being Rich.

Little Known Methods Headline

A headline for articles that claims to show us secrets to achieve some desirable outcome.

The format is ‘[number] Little Known Ways to [achieve the desired outcome]’.

Example: 20 Little Known Ways to Earn Full-Time Income With Blogging

Ignorance Avoidance Headline

This is a headline for articles that teach people something.

The format is ‘What You Should Know About [something]’.

Example: What You Should Know About Paying Taxes

The Snackable Headline

A short headline that can used for any article to elicit attention. The format is ‘You [3 words or fewer topic]’.

Example: You Aren’t That Cool

Pattern Interruption Headline

This is a headline for an article that claims something is the opposite of the result that most of us have thought of us true.

The format is ‘How [claim that goes again what most people think is true]’.

Example: How Fatty Foods Will Make Us Thin


These are some headlines that we can attract readers’ attention and lead them to read our articles.

These work because human psychology hasn’t changed even technologies have changed a lot.

So try these if we want to gain some readers.

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