Most Commonly Used Headlines to Grab Readers’ Attention

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Grabbing readers’ attention with headlines are critical if we want to attract readers to our post.

In this article, we’ll look at some common kinds of headlines that are proven to attract readers to read our posts.

How-To Headline

This is a very common headline for how-to articles. They start with ‘How to’ and then the desired outcome.

Example: How to Become a Successful Blogger

Big List Headline

Listicles are always popular. And a popular format for a headline for big listicles is ‘[big number] of ways to [achieve something]’

Example: 100 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

Ultimate Guide Headline

This kind of headline is for long, detailed articles on explaining the ways to achieving something.

The format is ‘The Ultimate Guide to [achieve an outcome]’.

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Our Email List

Fearmonger Headline

A headline that’ll elicit the fear response in potential readers.

The format is ‘Warning! Are You [do something bad]’.

Example: Warning! Are You Eating too Much Sugar?

Rally Cry Headline

A headline that chant about something. The format of this is ‘Let’s Stop [doing something bad]’.

Example: Let’s Stop Eating Fatty Foods

Proven Methods Headline

This is another headline for listicles that list the ways that we can do something.

The format of this is ‘[number] of Proven Ways to [achieve some desirable result]’

Example: 20 Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Mistakes Headline

The headline is used for listicles that list the mistakes people make when they do something.

The format is ‘[number] Mistakes That People Make When [doing some common action]’

Example: 20 Mistakes That People When Writing JavaScript Code

Secrets Headline

Yet another listicle headline. This one is for listing things that people might not know about. Hence, it’s a secret.

The format is ‘[number] of Secrets to [achieve a desirable result]’.

Example: 20 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Outrageous Headline

This is a kind of headline that’s used to elicit outrage from readers. The form is ‘Why [outrageous or controversial claim]’.

Example: Why Oranges are Evil

Lessons Learned Headline

A headline that we can use for listicles that teach us something from experience.

The format is ‘[number] Lessons I Learned [When/From] [experience]’.

Example: 20 Lessons I Learned From Building My Own Blog

Social Proof Headline

This one is more for articles that explain how something is used to achieve desirable results.

The format of this is ‘The [Object] Over [Social Proof] Use to [achieve the desired outcome]’.

Example: This Tool is Used By Over 100000 Businesses To Grow Their Blogs

Testimonial Headline

This one is for articles that try to convince people to do something that the article wants us to do.

The format is ‘How [company] [got result] in [timeframe]’.

Example: How an eBay Store Made $10000 in a Month

Objection Preemptive Headline

This is another common kind of headline to convince us about something.

The format of this headline is ‘[No/Yes], You [objection] to [achieve some desired result]’.

Example: No, You Don’t Have to Diet to Lose Weight

Question Headline

The question headline is where we ask a provocative question in our headline to attract their attention.

The format is ‘Are You [provocative question]?’

Example: Are You Still Using a PC?

See What Happened Headline

This kind of headline is for eliciting the readers’ curiosity by telling them what happens after they do something for s given amount of time.

The format is ‘[someone] Did [unusual action] [timespan], Here’s What Happened’.

We see this on news sites a lot.

Example: I Went On a Vegetarian Diet for 6 Months, Here’s What Happened

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How/Result Headline

This headline is mainly used for articles that how some inconsequential actions can lead to some undesirable results.

It’s used to elicit fear and curiosity in readers.

The format is ‘How [seemingly inconsequential action] Can Lead to [undesirable result]’.

Example: How Sleeping Can Make You Tired

Celebrity Headline

This headline use celebrities as an example to show us how they achieve some desirable result.

The format is ‘How to [achieve desirable outcome] Like [celebrity name]’

Example: How to Make $100000 a Month Like Morgan Freeman

How-To Without Headline

The how-to without a headline is used to explain how we can achieve some desirable result without doing something that we don’t want to do.

The format of this is ‘How to [achieve the desired outcome] Without [doing unpleasant action]’.

Example: How to Gain 100000 Blog Readers a Month Without Promotion


These are some headlines that we can attract readers' attention and lead them to read our articles.

These work because human psychology hasn’t changed even technologies have changed a lot.

So try these if we want to gain some readers.

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